Chelsea beat Luton in Caicedo’s first game as a starter. Pochettino used a 4-3-3. In many plays Enzo Fernández was very high, which hurt Chelsea in the build-up with Gallagher playing closer to Caicedo.

When Enzo dropped down to receive he did it too close to the left flank, not being able to link-up as much, playing a lot of horizontal passes.

In the second half, playing closer to midfield, he threw passes to Jackson and Sterling who run behind the defense, as on the third goal.

In any case, Luton’s poor pressing leaving Caicedo free allowed Chelsea to have no problem progressing the ball. Great performance by the Ecuadorian player.

By playing high, Enzo was able to finish in plays like this, although against teams with a better press I think Enzo won’t play in that position, being necessary in the second phase of the build-up.

Chelsea also need to improve on the left wing, Chilwell should be a better creator so that all the attacks don’t come from the right side.

This is the play of the first goal. Luton dropped into a 5-3-2. Quick passing combination between Enzo, Gallagher and Caicedo. Then Gusto narrow which overloads Luton’s midfield 3 to allow progression into the final third to generate the 1v1 for Sterling.

The Englishman receives to dribble, excellent drive and scores.

Interesting tactical evolution trying to get the best out of Enzo Fernández and Moisés Caicedo.

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