Let’s analyze the role of Leo Messi in Inter Miami to win the Leagues Cup. Playing as a right winger, close to the striker, Josef Martínez, although dropping down to receive in many plays in the middle of the field, as we have seen him so many times at Barça. As soon as he picks ups the ball, always tries to progress, with drives or passes, attracting many defenders.

We can see him in this transition in inferiority, Messi attracts the 3 defenders leaving his teammate free.

These situations also happened on the edge of the box, taking advantage of Jordi Alba and Taylor, showing great understanding in every game.

In this goal against Atlanta, a pass from Messi to Taylor and the Argentinian waits on the edge of the box, the defenders moving back leaving him free to score.

We are seeing that the defensive level is lower than in Europe, which allows him to score goals like this in which he attacks the large space left inside the box by the Orlando defense. A play difficult to imagine in elite football.

What seems clear is that Messi no longer has the pressure he used to play with, which favors him to score several goals from free kicks.

And his goal in the final, classic Messi cutting inside, faking the shot to dribble and scoring.

We’ll see if in MLS he’s capable of making the comeback with Inter Miami to enter the playoffs.

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