Let’s analyze Kylian Mbappé’s first minutes in the league with Luis Enrique as coach. Left winger at the height of the forward, Gonçalo Ramos, leaving the flank free for Achraf Hakimi.

Without Mbappé, in the first half, the left winger was Kang-in giving width, occupying the area of Mbappé the midfielder Fabián Ruiz.

In the 10 minutes it took Mbappé to score the goal, he showed his connection with Dembélé attacking space, with the right winger throwing good passes.

Here, Gonçalo Ramos with an intelligent movement off the ball forcing the defensive to drop back and Mbappé reading the play perfectly waiting to finish on the edge of the box.

In his usual role on the left wing, dropping down to receive, linking-up, with quick turns, no turnovers and making good decisions. The player who benefited the most from Mbappé playing inside was Achraf Hakimi who run into the box unmarked in many plays, as Mbappé dragged several players.

When one of them was defending the PSG wing-back, then Mbappé was left 1v1 to attack space, giving Costa a lot of problems.

Thus he gets the penalty. Mbappé runs behind the defense, receives the pass, poor positioning by Costa. The center-back Nicolaisen jumps to help, brings down Mbappé and after the review the referee awards the spot-kick.

Mbappé scores completing 10 minutes of a very high level in his first game in the league this season.

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