Man City was having problems controlling the pace of the game against Fulham until the Erling Haaland-Julián Álvarez connection appeared. The play of the first goal, Akanji offers a passing line to Walker, receives the ball and gives it to Kovacic who’s in the position he likes the most. Having time to think and throw a progressive pass. Haaland attacks the back of the defense and Julián Álvarez continues his run into the box to have as much space as possible to finish. Haaland assists with a tough pass and the Argentine player scores.

In the third goal, Rodri in possession shows his excellent vision by seeing Julián Álvarez between the lines in the usual role of the forward when he accompanies Haaland. The Norwegian as soon as he sees that Rodri is going to give the pass to Álvarez begins a movement off the ball with great acceleration. The defense makes a mistake trying to intercept the pass and the Norwegian scores with a clinical finish.

In this one we see a curious thing, the 2 forwards are positioned very close to each other between the lines, in the same way that the City midfielders do in the build-up. Haaland receives, great first touch with his right foot and Álvarez attacks the gap between right back and centre-back. The full-back is far away as he has to cover the winger who gives width but Julián Álvarez doesn’t finish the play well.

And in the play that ends in a penalty we see Haaland’s ability to attract players. Haaland covered by a center back and the other is more concerned about him than defending the other forward and Julián Álvarez once again taking advantage of the gap between center back and right back.

Haaland scored the penalty and in this play in added time with his scoring instinct, movement inside the box receiving the pass from Sergio Gómez.

Extraordinary connection between Julián Álvarez and Erling Haaland.

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