Sarri’s 4-3-3 in Lazio stands out in possession for stretching the game very wide trying to create as much space as possible and when it comes to pressing, forcing the opponent to take the ball to areas where Lazio has superiority.

In the first goal against Napoli, a pass from Marusic in the build-up to Anderson who appears inside, while Kamada remains open, giving width. Cataldi, the defensive midfielder, drifts to the wing to generate superiority, a good combination with Anderson attacking the space behind the left back.

Inside the box, Inmobile makes a great movement off the ball towards the far post, attracting the defense. Luis Alberto with a late run, reads the play perfectly attacking the near post.

Anderson’s first pass is blocked but Luis Alberto sees that no defender is moving to cover him, so he stands with his back to the goal giving Anderson a good angle to assist him.

Luis Alberto receives and we see the intelligence of the Spanish player, who already knew that the only way to finish was the backheel, scoring a great goal.

And in the decisive one we see a very long play by Napoli in possession, while Lazio shows all its defensive strengths. Force the opponent to take the ball to the flank where they have superiority to press. If they look for the forward throwing a long ball, have a strong backline winning the duels.

And that the second line of pressing is active to intercept passes. Here Anderson wins the ball back and a very quick transition with the Brazilian. He runs into the final third gives a pass to Luis Alberto who sees Kamada coming from behind, intelligently dummies for the Japanese who finishes into the bottom-right corner with a very difficult shot.

Good performance by Sarri’s team against the Serie A champions.

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