Fulham 0-3 Arsenal – Tactical Analysis

Arsenal played one of the best games of the season with a perfect first half.

Arsenal FC

Out of possession

Arsenal pressed high, constantly switching positions between Martinelli and Trossard.

Zinchenko did a great job defending, something in which he was suffering in recent games.

The only solution for Fulham was Mitrovic but the center backs played a great game.

When Fulham managed to get into the opponent’s half they found a very solid Arsenal, with both Martinelli and Saka constantly helping the full backs.

Thomas Partey

The best in defecse was Thomas Partey who played at a very high level. Reading the game with good anticipations, being always well positioned, starting several plays that ended in goals. He was also very strong in all the duels, especially in the aerial ones.

In possession

Arsenal in possession was very accurate with Zinchenko as a key player in the build up acting as a midfielder. Also Fulham after the first 15 minutes started to press worse and left too much space in the middle of the field.

Arsenal started to play in the opponent’s half making combinations like this one: Zinchenko with the ball, Martinelli open on the wing and Xhaka near to the ball offering a passing lane, leaving Martinelli alone in 3 passes. The Brazilian was offside and that meant that the goal wasn’t scored.


Less than 10 minutes later, Arsenal scored the first goal from a set piece. In which 5 players ran from the far post and Gabriel beat Adarabioyo in the jump to score with a header.


The second comes after a very long Arsenal play that gives a lot of passes in their own half. That makes Fulham’s press higher, accumulating many players near the ball. Arsenal manages to switch the play to the left flank where there is a huge space to run. Xhaka receives and carries the ball into the opponent’s half. Trossard appears in this play on the left flank, attacks the space, puts a good cross and Martinelli finishes very comfortably for the second goal.

Arsenal’s chances came every few minutes with quick one-touch plays like this one in which Odegaard gives a great pass to Trossard who assists Xhaka but misses the finish.


The last goal came in another great play with Trossard attacking the back of the right back, he receives Martinelli’s pass and the cross reaches Odegaard who finishes in style.

Arsenal regains its best version of the season and continues as leader of the Premier League.

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