Girona 0-1 Atlético Madrid – Tactical Analysis

Atlético de Madrid beat Girona with a goal in stoppage time.


Girona FC

In possession

Atletico in a 5-3-2 formation tried to press high in several moments of the match, although Girona managed to get out of the pressure on the left flank, where Koke ended up with a double responsibility with the left back and a midfielder. Girona took advantage of the situation and found spaces to run. The most benefited player was Riquelme, although Girona couldn’t finish any of these plays.

With Atletico in a mid block, right back Arnau was positioned in the middle of the field and the wingers gave width to the team.

Out of possession

When Girona was out of possession they played in a 4-1-4-1 with Oriol Romeu being the most important player playing as the defensive midfielder.

During the first 20 minutes Girona was able to recover many balls, in good pressures and due to Atlético de Madrid’s mistakes in progressive passes.

Oriol Romeu

In addition, Oriol Romeu made a great defense on Griezmann who was always marked, unable to play between lines, as he had been doing so well in the last games.

Romeu chased him in all areas of the field and was also very good in defensive transitions.

Atlético de Madrid

Antoine Griezmann

Even so Griezmann, thanks to his intelligence, began to move in other areas of the field, appearing in the build up and very often in the final third.

In this play, as soon as he sees that Depay is going to progress with the ball, Griezmann looks for space in the box to receive and finish the play.

Another good example of his movements off the ball was here, attacking the space and putting in a great cross for Memphis, but he doesn’t finish well.


From the 60th minute onwards, with the substitutions, the game got out of control and these were the minutes in which Girona had the best chances.

Simeone tried to correct it by changing the system to a 4-3-3 and Atlético again had more control of the match, including this header from Saúl.


The goal came in a set piece. Correa runs from outside the box to the near post, touches the ball and at the far post Morata, who wasn’t offside, scored the winning goal.

Atlético de Madrid continues his great form in 2023.

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