How good is Arda Güler? Analysis of the new Real Madrid player

Arda Güler is a new Real Madrid player. The Turk stands out for his passing, creativity, vision, agility and playing under pressure. Excellent technical level, correct on a tactical level, having to improve his physique. Left-footed player, who can play both as an attacking midfielder and as a winger. When he played as a central midfielder he has shown some of his weaknesses, such as his positioning and risking in passes breaking lines, causing turnovers. Arda Güler is one of the great talents in world football and I think he is already at the level needed to play for Real Madrid, let’s analyze it.

He mixes his intelligence and instinct, with almost perfect ball touches to be able to overcome his mark, having good spatial capacity, which allows him to get out of actions in which he is being pressured, very easily. Güler mainly operates between the lines, both drifting inside and appearing in the back of the midfielders. He mixes his intelligence and instinct. His creativity in the first touch makes him unpredictable for defenders. If he receives the ball in the same area with exactly the same body shape, he will take a completely different decision in every play.

In the pass, he is a player who is improving his level every season, linking up to control the game and spreading the ball, always trying to make the play progress, either through a pass breaking a line looking for a teammate with space to run or creating superiorities. Another aspect in which his pass stands out is in transitions in which he can throw long balls to teammates, showing a world-class vision, finding the free player or the teammate who attacks space, placing perfect passes.

In addition, in the counters he also takes advantage of a good acceleration in short distances with his stride, in what is surely the best physical aspect of his game. He shows great confidence carrying the ball, being a brave player in possession, which hurts him in actions in midfield, when he tries to break a line with a pass and is intercepted. Those turnovers that in Turkish football may not have a direct influence on the result, cannot be made at Real Madrid.

That’s why it’s in the last third where his game shines. Especially because of how easy it’s for him to generate scoring chances. His turns, key passes and shots from outside are some of his strengths to understand why he is a player so valued by all the elite clubs. Shooting from the edge of the box is something he should use more frequently as it would take him to the next level if he is able to score 8-10 goals per season. His shot is very good after receiving a pass, driving, dribbling or in set pieces.

As for his weaknesses, he has to improve in positioning and in the pace of some actions, in addition to using his right foot little, making it easier for his defender to decide in some plays. The main element to assess in his adaptation to Spanish football will be his physique. We’ll see how much it influences his dribbling, if he has a dynamic of losing many duels in his first games, his progression within Real Madrid will be tougher, something we already saw with Odegaard. In any case, he is a player who can improve a lot on this aspect and although he suffers in matches with many aerial duels, he also shows a good work rate, especially pressing, winning the ball back in the last third.

Arda Güler arrives at Real Madrid at the age of 18, doing everything well for his age, so if Ancelotti finds the right fit for him in the team, he could become one of the big surprises this season. The Turk has the confidence and conditions to achieve it.

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