Let’s analyze how to counterattack using an offensive transition from Xavi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen. After regaining possession, a key moment in the counterattack is the first pass. Here, Florian Wirtz raises his head to take a look and has to decide quickly. This pass will define the future of the play.

Wirtz decides well, good vision, selecting the area in which he has 2 teammates running and only 1 player nearby to stop the transition.

First 2v1 situation in the play. Nathan Tella with the ball and Amine Adli overlapping. There are 2 very important aspects in counterattacks: good timing of movements off the ball and always playing forward.

Tella towards the defender, who has to try to cover the passing lane and at the same time not leave the path to his goal unprotected.

This makes the defender have to predict the next steps of the counterattack. In this action he turns to have a good body orientation, Tella sees it and takes the opportunity to play the pass.

Good pace, thinking, moving and playing quickly, eliminating the first defender from the play, leading the attack to another 2v1 situation.

Exactly the same, Adli engages with the defender, good movement off the ball by Tella and when Adli is close enough to the last man, 2 passing lanes available, being impossible for the defender to cover both.

Adli decides to give the pass in behind, to prevent another defender from blocking the finish. Great shot by Nathan Tella for Bayer Leverkusen’s goal with a perfect counterattack.

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