It’s very difficult to see a team concede 3 goals in a match because of the same weakness, but that’s what happened to Germany against Turkey. Nagelsmann used a shape with 3 centerbacks, playing Kai Havertz as left-back, in a very surprising decision, but the problem was on the other side, playing Leroy Sané as wing-back.

The Bayern player alternated his position, jumping from the defensive line to the middle of the field, depending on where Turkey had possession, sometimes being a wing back and other times a winger.

The problem was when a Turkish player attacked his back, since Benjamin Henrichs, stayed in a more centralized position, not jumping to defend the right back area.

This is how the 3 goals came, in the 1st long pass from the center-back Bardakci to the left back, Kadioglu, who attacks space. Sané arrives late to defend and Henrichs doesn’t give support, finishing Kadioglu.

In the 2nd, we see how high Sané was when Germany had possession. After a long ball from Kevin Trapp, the aerial duel is won by Turkey and Germany’s defensive imbalance occurs. Yildiz free on the right wing, the play is switched to his side and Sané doesn’t appear in the image. Henrichs was defending the striker’s movement off the ball, so Yildiz receives and scores the goal.

And the 3rd goal comes after a set piece that ends in a penalty. The foul for the set piece is made by Sané, who is once again out of position, jumping to press high. When a Turkish player received between the lines, Sané fouled him.

Great victory for Turkey against Germany thanks to the serious mistake made by Julian Nagelsmann.

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