In this video we are going to analyze, with the help of the tactical camera, Aitana Bonmatí’s goal in Barcelona’s victory against Real Madrid. Madrid trying to counterpress, Mariona Caldentey switches the play and this situation is generated on the flank with 2 Barcelona players, Hansen and Lucy Bronze, against 2 from Real Madrid. There are no threats in the central channel, so Real Madrid’s defense has superiority in that area, 4v3.

Hansen passes to Lucy Bronze who overlaps and this is the key moment of the play. Athenea and Olga Carmona decide to overload, playing a 2v1, but they aren’t aggressive and also don’t block the passing lane to Hansen.

This means that Hansen can receive the ball again. Toletti jumps to defend but Ivana Andrés is too deep into the box. Toletti from her position neither avoids the carry into the box nor prevents the pass to Aitana Bonmatí who is waiting on the edge of the box.

The Spanish receives, having time to finish the play, since Ivana Andrés is too far away to block the shot, scoring the best player in the world the first goal in Barça’s victory against Real Madrid.

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