Juventus 1-1 Inter | Tactical Analysis

Juventus and Inter drew in an even match. Let’s analyze Juve’s goal.


The play starts with Juan Cuadrado having possession of the ball, Inter with the defensive block on the left flank and Juventus switches the play.

Danilo with the ball and in the box the key moves for the goal happen. Locatelli runs into the box having to be defended by Bastoni, taking the mark of Milik, Gosens. Acerbi can’t help as he is waiting for a possible pass to Chiesa positioned behind Darmian’s back.

When Rabiot receives the ball to put the cross, in the box continues the situation of 3 vs 3 with no midfielder helping and Cuadrado understands that the position of Gosens allows him to have a lot of space on his flank.

The Colombian runs into the box and the ball reaches himn scoring Juventus’ goal in a tie that will be decided in the second leg.

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