Manchester United 2-0 Everton | Tactical Analysis

Marcel Sabitzer played a great game as the most advanced midfielder in Manchester United’s victory against Everton.

Marcel Sabitzer

He already played last game against Brentford in this position and today he fulfilled perfectly the number 10 role. Being a solution to get out of the pressure receiving long balls and always appearing between the lines in the back of the midfielders. That position made the center backs go out to mark him in case he received the ball, taking advantage of it players like Rashford to attack the space, having several chances.

When he received he turned very quickly, giving key passes for Bruno Fernandes’ header and showing his creativity with a great pass but Rashford was offside.

He also attacked the back of the defensive line very well, finishing several plays, something very important to play as an attacking midfielder.

Inside the box he also knew how to position, receiving some passes and being a finisher in crosses, being a constant problem for Everton.


Thus came the first goal, Sancho receives the ball from Rashford on the right flank and waits until McTominay runs into a space created by Sabitzer who is United’s most advanced player, forcing both center backs to pay attention to him, allowing the Scot to finish.

Great game by Ten Hag’s team, generating 8 scoring chances with an extraordinary Marcel Sabitzer.

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