Real Madrid 2-3 Villarreal | Tactical Analysis

Villarreal beat Real Madrid in a great match in which Samu Chukwueze and Vinícius stood out.

Villarreal CF

In possession

We start by analyzing Villarreal in possession with a 4-4-2, playing without a striker, as Lo Celso is the most advanced player in the diamond.

Samu Chukwueze

This system allowed Chukwueze to play very high up with a lot of freedom, making good ball carrye in transitions and finishing many plays in the edge of the box. 

Thus came Villarreal’s first goal with a pass from Lo Celso to Chukwueze who makes a great dribble against Nacho and scores.

In the second, he receives the ball attacking the space on the right flank and assists Morales to finish.

And in the third he carries the ball inside to score a wonderful goal with an excellent shot from outside the box to the far post.

Real Madrid

In possession

When Real Madrid were in possession the plan was clear, attack the back of Foyth who suffered a lot throughout the match, with long balls and with several Real Madrid players linking up to generate superiorities. The player who best exploited the spaces was Vinícius but also Nacho, Asensio and Benzema in several plays during the match. 

One of the goals happened in that area with Foyth coming out of position to defend Ceballos, Vinícius receives and ends up scoring after a great play.

Villarreal continues on a roll and Real Madrid will face Chelsea, this Wednesday, in the Champions League.

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