Juventus 1-1 Sevilla | Tactical Analysis

Juventus and Sevilla drew in a match that can be explained by the play of the first goal.


Juventus were poor on the ball throughout the match, having a lot of problems to maintain the possession, although in the first 25 minutes they always found space in the middle of the pitch. Sevilla left space between the lines, which Di María took advantage of to receive behind the midfielders. There were many quick attacks with advantage but failed in the decision making. In this one, Di María misplaced a pass losing the ball.

Juventus’ main problem throughout the game was their inability to win the ball back, being very passive in pressing, lacking aggression, allowing transitions with a lot of space. Bonucci jumps with Ocampos as Alex Sandro is too high after the turnover, and Sevilla find the third man between Ocampos, Fernando and Óliver. The Argentinian attacks the back of Bonucci and Sevilla have a 3v2 counterattack. Locatelli has to go out to defend Ocampos leaving Danilo in inferiority against Bryan Gil and En-Nesyri, allowing the Sevilla striker to finish alone to put his team ahead.


In the second half, when Sevilla recovered, they lacked the strength to launch attacking transitions due to fatigue and the injury of Ocampos. Juventus ended up controlling the game, playing in the opponents defending third, scoring in the last play of the game with this corner in which Sevilla allowed 3 consecutive headers. Poor defending in the first post plus 2 players enter the box with no Sevilla defenders nearby.

Danilo plays a header for Pogba who puts the ball into En-Nesyri’s area, who decides to take 2 steps forward, freeing Milik and Gatti for the Italian to score the equaliser.

Thursday in Sevilla the second leg for a place in the Europa League final.

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