Milan 0-2 Inter | Simone Inzaghi & Edin Džeko | Tactical Analysis

Inter Milan

Out of possession

We started by analysing Inter out of possession, having superiority in the middle of the pitch, closing Milan’s double pivot between 5 players. In addition, the wing-backs jumped to press the Milan full-backs, which allowed Inter to also have superiority on the flanks, being super aggressive when the ball is played out wide.

Milan’s only solution to progress was long balls to Giroud but he was always well covered and with Leão absent Milan had no attacking threat to scare Inter.

Edin Džeko

The best player was Edin Džeko, who was involved in the build-up, dropping to receive, doing an excellent job playing with his back to goal, generating superiorities on the flanks with first touches to link-up with his team-mates.

His movements off the ball were very good, as in this play in the edge of the box where he moved away from his marker to receive and finish free.

He contributed a lot defensively, especially at set pieces, winning aerial duels.


And he was also key in the goals, in the first with a zigzag run towards goal to finish with a left-footed volley despite Calabria covering him well during the whole play.


And in the second, Milan’s first mistake allowing Dimarco to attack the space behind the right back, something that should always be avoided when facing a system with wing-backs like Inter.

The Italian carried the ball into the final third and once again Džeko made a great move, in this case to drag a defender and free the edge of the box. Mkhitaryan read the play perfectly and ran into the area to meet Dimarco’s cross and score the goal that brings Inter very close to a Champions League final.

Other Analysis