Let’s analyze the Merseyside derby. Everton in a low block, being Ryan Gravenberch key in the first half, playing between the lines, with good first touches.

In this play, he starts the attacking transition after a set piece with a great first touch to launch the counterattack.

He was also very precise in the build-up, here receiving the ball and switching the play with a great long pass for Salah.

In the defensive phase, Gravenberch is a player who is improving a lot this season, tracking back in plays like this to cover the space left by Tsimikas.

This is the play of the red card. Gravenberch does a great job in defense, first chasing a good movement off the ball and then winning the ball back from Doucouré.

The play continues and Gravenberch once again provides a solution to the team by offering a passing lane. He progresses, opens the ball for Luis Díaz and attracts 2 players so that the Colombian plays a 1v1, forcing Ashley Young’s second yellow card.

Sean Dyche with 10 men used a 5-3-1 and Klopp’s plan remained the same, looking to isolate Luis Díaz on the left side. This is how Liverpool got the penalty, Luis Diaz receives on the wing, dribbles, puts the cross and Michael Keane deflects the ball with his hand, so that Liverpool opened the scoring and achieved the victory against Everton, with a great game from Ryan Gravenberch and Luis Diaz.

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