Let’s discover the secrets of Otamendi’s goal for Argentina’s victory against Paraguay. The first secret is the absence of Paraguayan players in the edge of the box, something that’s increasingly common and that I don’t like, leaving Otamendi free to run at the far post. The second secret is Tagliafico’s screen preventing any player from jumping to intercept the pass or block the shot.

The third secret is Otamendi’s timing to have a perfect body orientation while the ball arrives from the corner taken by Rodrigo De Paul.

And the fourth secret is the physical condition of the Argentine center back to raise his leg so high, perform the perfect technical gesture and not have any muscle problems in the movement. We have already seen these actions from Otamendi many times, especially in defense to clear the ball, which shows his strength and flexibility despite being 35 years old.

The ball ends up in the goal due to a small deflection by Richard Sánchez. Great set piece play designed by Lionel Scaloni’s staff.

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