Liverpool’s problem in Klopp’s 3-2-2-3

When Jürgen Klopp switched to the new system with an inverted full-back it was an important step to become a competitive team again. In the preseason we have even seen how Trent Alexander-Arnold played as a midfielder without having to invert, due to his importance in possession. But Liverpool’s problem is precisely in the middle of the field, as it continues to be too vertical and without the necessary physique to control the game.

The midfield players who left like Fabinho or Henderson didn’t have the pace that Klopp required. But Szoboszlai or Mac Allister won’t give the team the right one. This players and all the forwards are too direct. Liverpool will be among the leagues top scores but conceding too many chances.

There are 2 solutions to fix the problem: signing another player in midfield or Klopp making the team progress the ball slower and more safely with less turnovers, even if it goes against his style of play.

It’s in the turnovers where the other weakness is noted, the defensive transition. In these plays Liverpool’s problems in the defensive line are evident as Virgil Van Dijk no longer has the level of one of the best center-backs in the world. Turnovers in high zones are fine as the team can counter-press, but turnovers in the build-up and in midfield aren’t good because the team must fall back and recover to protect the goal.

We’ll see how Liverpool evolves in the first games of the Premier League but it seems very difficult for Klopp’s team to be a contender this season.

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