Luis Enrique is implementing his style of play at PSG. The biggest evolution in this change is the new role of Achraf Hakimi. PSG in possession in a 4-2-4, in which Hakimi is key, being an inverted fullback, moving to midfield, becoming a 3-3-4. Against Marseille, with the absence of Vitinha, Zaïre-Emery moved to the left, Ugarte as a defensive midfielder and Achraf as right central midfielder.

In the opponent’s half, appearing between the lines with constant movements, always trying to create an imbalance to open the low block, touching the ball 114 times in 83 minutes. Attacking space to drag players freeing Dembélé or receiving a pass in-behind. Also overlapping in one of his usual strengths as a full-back being a good crosser.

This is the exact moment in which the switch in the structure happens, from a 4-2-4 to a 3-3-4, with Hakimi’s movement inverting. He offers a passing line and receives, breaking Marseille’s press, leaving Dembélé in a 1v1, scoring Gonçalo Ramos in this play.

We had seen inverted full-backs with a great technical level, but not someone like Hakimi, being his main strength his physique. The advantage is in defensive transitions, as he has the speed to retreat and stop the counterattack.

Achraf Hakimi a key player for Luis Enrique to build a new Paris Saint Germain.

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