Let’s analyze how Atlético de Madrid took advantage of Real Madrid’s weakness on the flanks to win the match. Ancelotti played with 5 midfielders but having the same problem as all season long, the full-backs.

We can see it here, in the 3rd minute the play of the first goal, Lino receives open, Lucas Vázquez playing as a right back, looks at Valverde to see if he jumps to defend, having Atlético’s wing-back a lot of space to progress. Lino drives into the final third and a poor body orientation by Valverde, looking like he was defending a left-footed player, allowing the cross. In the box, big gap between the center backs, winning Morata the aerial duel to score.

Exactly the same in the second goal, Lucas Vázquez jumps on Lino, Valverde and Camavinga don’t contribute defensively, forgetting Saul Ñíguez and Griezmann. The Spaniard attacks the space and assists the French player.

In the third goal the same weakness is seen in this press. Too much space between the lines, Camavinga cannot defend 2 passing lines at the same time, allowing the progressive pass.

The ball goes to the other side and we see how 4 Real Madrid players don’t defend any of the Atlético de Madrid players who are on the left wing. Saúl Ñíguez receives and in the box Lino remains unmarked. In the edge of the box, 3 players alone to finish and Morata in the 1v1 against Alaba. He wins the duel scoring the third.

Real Madrid in possession in a 2-3-5, with the full-backs, Modric and Bellingham accompanying Rodrygo, while Atlético de Madrid waited in a low block in their classic 5-3-2.

Defending the box Atlético de Madrid occupied all the zones, distributing the spaces well, and Real Madrid had few threats to finish with a header.

The goal was scored by Kroos in this play in which Simeone’s team are well positioned but the clearance goes to the edge of the box, the German brings down the ball, before cutting inside, scoring with a great shot.

Important victory for Atlético de Madrid that showed, once again, the main weakness of Ancelotti’s team this season.

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