Let’s analyze how Tottenham had more possession than Arsenal in the North London derby. Big risks from Arteta’s defensive block v Tottenham’s deep build-up. Man marking diamond to match the narrow fullbacks. They’ve matched Spurs narrowness, but not exposed out wide. Arsenal could afford this because Tottenham wingers don’t drop to support. A key player in the press was Gabriel Jesus, causing several errores in Tottenham’s build-up that ended in big chances.

Arsenal scored their first goal winning the ball back, a quick transition, Zinchenko switching the play with a pass to Ødegaard. Bukayo Saka, in inferiority, waits for Ben White to overlap, cuts inside and scores with a shot that Cuti Romero deflected.

Spurs changed the way they attacked towards the end of the first half and looked a lot more dangerous. James Maddison dropping down to receive and Udogie pushing. Arsenal began to get tired, lack of intensity, breaking Tottenham the press. The ball holder without pressure, having time to throw long balls. The weakness of Arteta’s team was in how open the defense was vs Tottenham’s front 3.

In Tottenham’s first goal, Maddison plays the initial long pass to progress from deep finding Kulusevski in-behind. The play continues and Maddison beats Saka in the 1v1, in a big mistake by the Arsenal winger, scoring Son.

Arsenal’s second goal in a penalty by Romero and Tottenham’s equalizer with this turnover by Jorginho, James Maddison drives to the edge of the box forcing Saliba to make a decision, leaving Son free. Perfect timing by Maddison giving the assist.

A great game in which Arsenal should have taken advantage of the chances they had in the first half but ran out of energy to continue the press on Ange Postecoglou’s men.

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