Let’s analyze Manchester United’s main problem this season, to do it we are going to take a look at the match they played against Tottenham.

Spurs repeated this simple pattern, second man drags the second defender out, left-winger dribbles inside, and play the pass into the space in front or behind Manchester United’s right center-back.

Here we clearly see how that space is generated. Up to four United players leave the area and the space that Richarlison is pointing out is free for Hojberg to send the ball. Very large gap between the two centre-backs allowing any player to attack space.

Exactly the same thing happens in this play, three Manchester United players jumping, two v two at the far post and Udogie with a curved run to the near post. Tottenham can throw the ball to the far post to play that two v two or play the pass to Udogie. The left-back did very well throughout the game playing so high.

Here with Werner running into the box and with a two v one situation since Manchester United doesn’t have players occupying the spaces well, defending the box poorly, which makes things much easier for Tottenham’s attack.

Taking advantage of this weakness, Tottenham scored one of the goals, we see Bentancur who is going to make a run towards the edge of the box where he is going to receive. Manchester United only has one player defending the superiority on the wing and Richarlison is going to do a great job dragging the other defender so that Bentancur has space to drive.

Bentancur free to receive the pass, scoring with a top finish, revealing Manchester United’s main problem this season, allowing too many scoring chances, not being able to fight for the top 4.

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