Let’s analyze Bayer Leverkusen’s victory against Bayern Munich with a great gameplan by Xabi Alonso. We start by seeing here Bayer Leverkusen’s structure out of possession, 5-2-3 trying to close the central channel. Kim Min-Jae was free, but since he is a center-back, Bayern Leverkusen had no problem leaving him, not being a real threat like a full-back would be.

Bayer closed all the passing lanes inside, here we can see it, as soon as a midfielder receives the ball, several players jumped on the Bayern player so he coulnd’t turn, creating many problems in Tuchel’s build-up.

In possession, Bayer Leverkusen had Florian Wirst as a false 9 with a lot of mobility, dropping down to receive generating numerical superiorities, in addition to appearing between the lines attracting several opponents weakening Bayern’s defensive structure.

This happened in Bayern Leverkusen’s second goal, Wirtz drops down to receive, attracts several players, leaving two forwards against two defenders, long ball winning the duel and launch a quick transition accumulating many players in the counterattack to have superiority.

Scoring Grimaldo who played a great game being one of the most important players of this Bayern Leverkusen led by Xabi Alonso with an extraordinary gameplan to defeat Bayern and get even closer to the Bundesliga.

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