Let’s analyze Real Madrid’s victory against Leipzig in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 with a great goal from Brahim but having many defensive problems. During the first half, when RB Leipzig had possession, many players were free between the lines, in addition to the ball holder being able to drive. Ancelotti’s men can’t stop the progression of Leipzig’s 4-2-2-2.

Here, three free players plus the ball holder, the Real Madrid players arrived late to the pressu, they didn’t cover the passing lanes, making it very easy for Leipzig to link-up. In this play, a long ball to receive between the lines and Šeško attacking space, creating many problems for Real Madrid’s defensive line.

Exactly the same in this situation, Šeško running behind the center back and another of Real Madrid’s problems, having many difficulties controlling the players who arrive with a late run.

In this one, Raum, Leipzig’s left back free inside the box and another player waiting on the edge of the box, in addition to having a three v three.

Here, Carvajal jumps, no player covers the space he left, receiving a player between the lines and we see Raum pushing up. In this one, two v one on the left side and Valverde, who could be the player giving support, is too far away, with Leipzig having superiority.

In possession, Real Madrid did have the possibility of progressing with free players between the lines, leaving the Leipzig defense many spaces, Brahim appearing inside, but Real Madrid didn’t have long possessions due to poor decision-making.

For example, in this counterpress, Real Madrid lost the ball, giving the Germans a chance. During the first half, Real Madrid had all these problems but in the second they were able to improve with greater intensity and pace in the press. We see many players making Leipzig uncomfortable and in this play with Valverde running to recover after a poor first touch by the defender.

This is what happened in Real Madrid’s goal, first good anticipation from Nacho to recover the ball and from here we’ll see how Brahim drifts outside to receive in a wider position, leaving his role as a forward that he had for much of the game to occupy the area in which he does a better job.

Great movement making a curve to turn and dribble past the defender who jumps towards him. From here, Brahim reads perfectly where the space is, good carry without much opposition to enter into the final third and finish with a great shot to give Real Madrid the victory.

Leipzig was superior but Brahim’s play unbalanced the match, although Ancelotti’s men will have to improve a lot for the second leg in this round of the Champions League.

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