Real Madrid 2-0 Valencia – Tactical Analysis

Real Madrid beat Valencia with a great performance by Asensio.

Marco Asensio

Valencia out of possession in a 4-4-2 and Asensio appearing in every position that the team needed.

In the build-up to generate superiority and progressing the ball easily against Valencia that was waiting in a mid-low block.

When Real Madrid had the ball on the left wing, Asensio was waiting on the right wing giving the team width.

When the team switched the play to his flank, he tried to attack the back of the left back, as was the case in this play.

If the ball was on the right flank, he constantly looked to link up with his teammates and appeared between the lines waiting for a pass to break the Valencia midfield line.

When he received the ball unmarked, he showed verticality, carrying the ball or giving a long pass to the opposite flank.

In the final third he arrived behind Benzema, taking advantage of the fact that the defence was following the Frenchman and the midfielders were arriving late to the box.

Asensio completed a great game with this play in which he was left free because 2 Valencia players went to defend Benzema. Time to control the ball and demonstrate one of his best skills, the long-range shot.

Goal and victory for Real Madrid, with an extraordinary Marco Asensio.

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