Tottenham 1-0 Manchester City – Tactical Analysis

Tottenham beat Man City with a great game from Conte’s team.

Tottenham Hotspur

Out of possession

Tottenham out of possession tried at all times to cover the spaces in the middle of the field and keep Man City away from Lloris’ goal. When the ball came to the wings, the midfield gave support by covering passing lines, avoiding quick combinations.

Cuti Romero

One of the most important defensive players was Cuti Romero, especially against Haaland. Every time he tried to play with his back to goal and link up, Romero was close to press him. In the 26th minute, Romero was shown a yellow card, although he continued to be aggressive and made good decisions. The high volume of defensive actions ended with him being sent off at the end of the game, but he was key for Tottenham’s victory.

Defending in the box

Another thing Spurs did well was the defensive actions of midfielders and wingers defending the Manchester City wingers to make crosses difficult. In any case, the defence in the area was perfect throughout the match, preventing any shots.


The goal came in a Man City ball that Conte’s team pressed with great intensity, being under pressure all the players who were receiving the ball. A bad pass was intercepted and Harry Kane scored the goal.

Attacking transition

The last important aspect of the game was Tottenham’s attacking transition. With a lot of speed through Kulusevski, Kane and Son, Spurs had several chances. One of the most outstanding players of the game was Hojgberg, as his contribution in all areas of the field was exceptional, arriving in many plays to the opponent’s box on the counterattack. It was precisely this type of play with players like Perisic that allowed Tottenham to finish with superiority. After the goal there was even more space, having good chances, but not scoring any.

Another great match for Tottenham against Pep Guardiola’s team.

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