Let’s analyze the secrets behind Bellingham’s goal in Real Madrid’s victory against Villarreal. We start with Bellingham’s position at the beginning of the play, something we talked about recently in another video, positioned close to the sideline, being the left-winger out of possesion. He receives the ball and looks for the defensive weakness. Villarreal is very narrow, which leaves Lucas Vázquez isolated on the other side, switching Bellingham the play.

The Real Madrid player goes for the 1v1 and we see how Bellingham as soon as he released the ball starts a run into the box to reach the area where he is scoring a lot of goals.

Lucas Vázquez passes the ball to the edge of the box where Modric is waiting. The croatian with an extraordinary first touch, places a cross in the direction of Bellingham’s route. Bad defense by Villarreal, leaving Altimira and Capoue the English player free, making Jude a great jump.

Here is the last secret of the play. His header is powerful but directed towards the center of the goal. Villarreal’s goalkeeper, Jörgensen, is moving to his rightcomplicating his movement to try to stop the ball, and Jude Bellingham scores a great goal.

It’s clear that his position on the wing makes his task more , but his outstanding level allows him to continue increasing his numbers in Real Madrid’s victory against Villarreal.

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