Let’s analyze Bayern vs Manchester United in a match in which Ten Hag’s team once again showed all their weaknesses. High press from United, pivots with pivots, Bayern having 2 ways to progress in the build-up. The first through Kim if Højlund didn’t cover the pass between centre-backs, the Korean had time to receive and space to drive.

The other way was to find Laimer who was always the free man due to United’s aggressive press, with Rashford very high.

We see it here, Upamecano with an easy pass to Laimer who has room to progress and Sané running behind Reguilón.

If Rashford was positioned open, close to Laimer, the gap between the English player and Eriksen was too big, taking advantage Harry Kane appearing between the lines, with Casemiro very far taking care of Musiala, who attracted him to the left side.

This is how Bayern scored the first goal, 2v2 on the right wing, poor defense by Rashford, Eriksen doesn’t give support, a one-two pass between Kane and the German for Sané’s goal with a big mistake by Onana.

The best player of the game was Musiala, who created lots of problem to Casemiro with his quick turns. This is how the second goal begins, Eriksen again arriving late, Musiala carrying into the final third and one of United’s main weaknesses this season, tracking the players running into the box, scoring Gnabry.

When United had possession, Onana generated superiority pushing high allowing Casemiro to stay higher, being Bayern unable to jump on the goalkeeper, having Sane to move deeper to control United’s build-up

In addition to long balls, the area in which United could do damage was through the left wing, with Reguilón and Rashford having many 2v2 situations. From the 30th minute Reguilón inverted, isolating Rashford who waited giving width to play 1v1’s.

Despite Casemiro’s attempt, scoring 2 goals, it was not enough for Manchester United. Great game by Bayern to close the first week of the Champions League.

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