Let’s analyze Real Madrid’s victory in stoppage time against Union Berlin. The Germans with a back 5, Ancelotti placing the full-backs very high, making the job easier for the wing-backs, who could defend without the threat of any player attacking their back.

When Real Madrid couldn’t progress, threw long balls to Joselu but the striker had no teammate nearby to give the ball if he won the duel.

To reach the final third, Madrid took advantage of Bellingham’s movements between the lines, being one of the few threats to progress in the first half.

Union Berlin maintained the structure, protected the edge of the box and allowed the passes from one side to the other, preferring to defend a cross rather than an combination in the central channel.

Despite this, Union Berlin didn’t defend well. They did it by accumulating players more than by good positioning. It was common to see 9 players inside the area, but always one from Real Madrid was free.

In possession, Union Berlin played through long balls to areas with 2v2’s trying to win the duel and put in crosses.

We see it here with 2 players always open on the flanks, giving width waiting to receive the pass, while 2 players are waiting to run into the box to finish the pros.

Defending the box, Real Madrid did a poor job, leaving players unmarked in dangerous situations, but Unión Berlin lacked technical level in the key pass to finish more plays.

In the second half, Ancelotti pushed back the full-backs, attracting the wing-backs, creating spaces, asking other players to attack the back, forcing the defensive block to retreat.

The threats in the gap between centre-back and wing-back were constant, playing with more pace, having Real Madrid many chances at the start of the second half.

By forcing defenders to give support on the wing, the box was left unprotected, having Joselu many aerial duels to finish off with a header.

Real Madrid made a big mistake in the last 15 minutes, placing all the attackers very high, no one between the lines, having to win the game on a set piece.

Kroos takes the corner. Valverde receives alone on the edge of the box, a player jumps to defend the possible shot but the Uruguayan easily dribbles past him. After 2 deflections, Bellingham, who shows his instinct in every game, scored the decisive goal.

Too many problems for Real Madrid to figure out the game. Good job by Union Berlin putting a contender to win the Champions League in trouble.

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