Let’s analyze Bayern’s victory against Borussia Dortmund, in a match decided in the first 10 minutes, with the hosts showing all their weaknesses. We start analysing Bayern in possession, Dortmund with many doubts deciding when to jump to press high, arriving late and uncoordinated. Bayern had a comfortable build-up, breaking the press and getting situations with superiority like this 5v3, at the start of the match.

Another weakness for Dortmund was the movements of the defensive line to track Harry Kane when he dropped down to receive, leaving him free. Here we see a combination of Dortmund’s 2 weaknesses, Upamecano with a lot of time to make the best decision in the pass, bad press, Harry Kane drops down to receive, Dortmund’s defense poorly positioned leaving a huge gap that Musiala and Sané take advantage of to attack space.

This is the first chance, Davies receives comfortably, he has space to drive without any Dortmund player around to stop him. The 3 Bayern players closest to Davies with good movements off the ball, Musiala receives and drives into the final third. Dortmund’s defense too narrow, the left back out of position to cover Harry Kane’s run and Coman is left unmarked to finish.

The defensive problems are clear in this Bayern goal. Late press on Davies, he connects with Sane, first time pass to Musiala, who once again is unmarked. The Bayern attacker drives without opposition, Sané attacks the back of the defensive line and Harry Kane scores a great goal in transition.

Bayern’s other goal at the start of the game was scored from a set piece. Hummels defending the area where Upamecano is going to run. The center back makes a zigzag to get rid of Schlotterbeck, first moving to the right, then going to the left. Slow orientation by Schlotterbeck, who doesn’t have time to turn, Hummels moves from the area trying to clear the ball, fails and Upamecano scores with a header.

Lastly, I would like to highlight Bayern’s work counter-pressing, accumulating many players close to the ball and with a very high defensive line, preventing Dortmund from launching transitions, conceding very few chances.

Great victory for Thomas Tuchel’s Bayern in pursuit of Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen.

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