Let’s analyze Real Madrid’s victory against Valencia with a new structure in possession. In the last games, Real Madrid was leaving aside the diamond and without Bellingham the change is even bigger, with a 4-4-2 in which Brahim is the left winger. Kroos and Camavinga involved the first phase of the build-up, with the Frenchman being the defensive midfielder and the full-backs pushing up to attack narrow blocks like the one Valencia used, waiting in a 4-4-2.

One of the most common moves in the build-up is Valverde dropping deep into the right flank at the same height of the center backs, allowing Carvajal to advance. In this play drifts inside, leaving the wing to Rodrygo, a structure that gives a lot of mobility to the 2 Brazilian forwards .

When Real Madrid attacked from the left side and switched the play, Carvajal stayed very high, having space to progress and be one of Real Madrid’s main threats.

This is how they scored the first goal, a great long ball from Kroos, Gayá too far from Real Madrid’s right-back, having to be aware of Rodrygo’s movement off the ball, which forces him to arrive late to the defensive action, poor body orientation slipping trying to correct his position. Valencia’s midfield doesn’t arrive in time to help and Gabriel, who always gives a lot of space to the attackers, allows Carvajal’s shot with his left foot, unstoppable for Mamardashvili.

And in the second goal we see Valverde’s position in the build-up that we mentioned before, Carvajal receives on the right wing and Rodrygo attacks the back of the defense. Too much space in the gap between centre-back and full-back, Rodrygo having time to drive and assist with a perfect cross that Vinícius finishes with his chest.

Comfortable victory for Real Madrid in a new tactical evolution by Ancelotti.

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